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The beginning

It was love at the first sight! On my parents farm there were always pigeons. One day, at the end of the 50s, I noticed a racing pigeon. I was deeply impressed of his beauty and his willful character. Therefore I started to learn more about racing pigeons. 1961 I joined to the pigeon club BZV 0824 "Bleibt treu" Dinklage.

Racing pigeons is not my only hobby. There are two other hobbies. First there is horse breeding. As well as for racing pigeons it is very important to breed from powerful lines. The other additional hobby is hunting. Together with my loyal friend the German Wirehaired Pointer "Ulf vom Liether Moor" I am very often in the nature. To realize the early wake up of the new day is always beautyful.

But racing pigeons are my favorite hobby. Pigeons from powerful lines which have demonstratet their success on other lofts with many first prizes against enormous pigeon numbers must be loved.

Breeding pigeons

All my excellent breeding pigeons from powerful pigeon families are presented. Pigeons of the following powerful pigeon lines are breeding for you:

Breeding Book 2015

Hooymans: In my loft there are breeding 4 sons and 5 daughters of "HARRY" from Jan Hooymans as well as 7 children from brother or sister "HARRY".

Vandenabeele: 7 children of "RUDY" and 3 grandchildren of "WITTENBUIK" or "BLIKSEM" from Gaby Vandenabeele are in my breeding loft!

Leo Heremans: Sons and daughters of "OLYMPIADE 003", coupled with "GOUDKLOMPJE", "BLAUW KAMPIOENTJE" or "HET WONDERASKE", as well as a brother of "DE JAN"!

Hurrican 51/Fieneke 5000: In my breeding loft there are a son of  "HURRICAN 51" x daughter "FIENEKE 5000", a sister of "HURRICAN 51", a granddaughter of "FIENEKE 5000" as well as several grandchildren and double grandchildren of the successful line "HURRICAN 51" x To. "FIENEKE 5000", which is the origin of countless first price winners.


Prange/Hurrican 51: In my loft there are breeding two sisters of "TOTILA" and "BORIS" a son of "RINGLOSE" one son of the couple "580" (father "520", 7times 1st price) x 515 (sister "TOTILA") as well as one daughter of "520", 7times 1st price. Furthermore there is a son of the famous pair "TOTILA" x "HALLA".

Koopman: A son of "WONDER VAN HAACHT" x "230" from Sander (mother of several ace pigeons). 

The youngsters of my breeding pigeons are closely bred in family. That means that the high quality of excellent pigeons, which is demonstrated by a lot of first prizes, is well concentrated in young pigeons coming from my loft.

My pigeons are very succesful on other racing lofts and have won lots of first prizes and championchips.

I would be glad if you will be one of my satisfied clients.

For the racing seaon 2016 I wish you much success


Bernd Kröger

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